Due to the nature of a project such as transcribing an entire

“stroug” (strong) : an error in the original text, p. 145

text by hand without assistance, some errors will slip into the text and not be found until after the text has gone to print. The original text of Henry Tufts contains errors, and Pearson as well as Loompanics introduced some of their own even after correcting those of Samuel Bragg. Even James Joyce’s Ulysses, as admired as it is by the literary community, had to wait a very long time before every typographical error had been sussed out.

Suffice it to say, this has been my roundabout way of admitting that my edition of The Narrative of Henry Tufts, despite the amount of care and time put into it, went to print with some new errors. However, thanks to the nature of the print on demand business, I have an option no other publisher of Henry Tufts has ever had: fixing these errors as they are discovered!

The following errors are no longer present in any copy of the book purchased after April 20, 2017:

17: “in somuch” corrected to “insomuch”

37: “found asleep” corrected to “sound asleep” (this error was due to the antiquated typography, as seen above)

46: “do acquire” corrected to “to acquire”

52: “not one” corrected to “not on”

53: Sentence beginning “About this time I came across a man” now begins a paragraph as originally.

76: Paragraph break occurring at “collecting a mixture” removed.

134: “wheeled away” corrected to “wheedled away”

The following errors have been corrected for any copies sold after April 26, 2017:

116: “smallest found” corrected to “smallest sound”

122: “moor I” corrected to “poor I”

131: “relection” corrected to “reflection”

134: “on the hole” corrected to “on the whole”

137: “induced a secret with” corrected to “induced a secret wish”

148: removed space before comma in “load of railery ,”

170: removed space before period after “centinel .”

171: corrected “my won country” to “my own country”

172: corrected “prying of the slats” to “prying off the slats”

175: capitalized “having” at the beginning of sentence

176: restored missing phrase “obtained the desiderata by medicinal employments,” to between phrases “as in former voyages,”  and “or by purloining such articles”

176: removed space before period after “jiffin .”

184: added a space between “physic” and the semicolon

184: corrected “belive” to “believe”

186: removed space before comma after “Tashe’s ,”

188: “parner” corrected to “partner”

212: “hard no more” corrected to “heard no more”

215: deleted space between “cloathing” and comma

219: capitalized “To” at beginning of sentence

221: corrected “by” in “ceremony  by reading” to “of”

226: added comma after “hope for the best”

230: corrected “ours of two and four” to “hours of two and four”

233: corrected “I set to Governor” to “I sent to Governor”

235: added comma after “bullock’s heads only”

265: corrected “till, on day” to “till, one day”

272: removed space between “suprise” and comma

279: corrected “as my in future” to “as may in future”


The following errors have been corrected for any copy sold after May 11, 2017:

111: “ed” in epigraph corrected to “et”

116: “No sooner” now begins a paragraph

120: “I now learnt” now begins a paragraph

141: “by the time” corrected to “by the bye” [this error was due to a tear in the page of my source text]

170: “At Worcester” now begins a paragraph

187: Erroneous “for” removed from phrase “Except the above”

200: Erroneous “my” removed from phrase “adieu to roving forever”

250: “As I wished” now begins a paragraph

Further errors, if found, will be listed here. Correction of errors in the text for sale result in the book being unavailable for purchase for ~24 hours. If you find the book unavailable, worry not! It will be back soon, and better than ever.